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Ethical code and model 231

The Ethical Code adopted by the Board of Directors of Quid Informatica Spa, is a set of principles and rules whose observance by employees and employees is of paramount importance for the smooth operation, reliability and reputation of Quid Informatica.The aim is to spread the values of honesty, loyalty, integrity and transparency that should characterize the actions and behaviours of those working for Quid Informatica.


For this reason, Quid Informatica undertakes to promote and spread the knowledge of such values, and to ensure that the requirements therein are complied with, if needed, intervening with remedial actions deemed most suitable.

The ethical code is a conerstone of the internal control system, and an integral part of the organizational model formalised pursuant to Legislative Decree No 231/2001, and is made up of:

  • General principles that characterize the ethics of Quid Informatica and guidelines that regulate the relations with all counterparties;
  • rules describing the control system for the enforcement of the Ethical Code and for it continuous improvement.


The Ethical Code is brought to the attention of employees and all those with whom Quid Informatica has business relations through appropriate communication tools.


The Ethical Code of Quid Informatica can be downloaded by clicking here.