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Quid Informatica actively promotes the principles of ethical behaviour, emphasising the proper management of its business. For this reason the Competition and Market Authority has awarded the company with a high legality rating of two stars plus, confirmed in 2018 for the next two years

The Legality Rating was introduced in 2012 for Italian companies, with the aim of promoting and introducing principles of ethical behaviour in businesses, through the assignment of an evaluation on the respect of legality by companies that have requested it, and more generally, on the degree of attention paid to the correct management of the business.

The recognition of a sufficient level of legality rating-conventionally measured in "stars" – issued by the Competition and Market Authority, brings advantages in the granting of public funding and facilitates access to bank credit. 

The rating ranges from one to three stars, given by the Authority on the basis of company delcarations that are verified through cross-checks with data held by the public administrations concerned. 

Thanks to experience gained, the steady growth and the continuous need to improve, Quid Informatica obtained the recognition the 5/11/2016 with the RT2240 reference and a two star rating.


To achieve this Quid Informatica has adopted a wide range of legality, accountability, ethics, and transparency requirements as well as prevention tools, succeeding in becoming one of the 1792 "virtuous" Italian companies.