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QUID Informatica SpA, designs and implements end-to-end ICT solutions taking care of all aspects: identification of strategy, analysis of processes and organizational implications, definition of architecture, implementation and operational management.

Quid Informatica Spa

Quid Informatica is a group of people united by experience and expertise e in the field of information technology and telecommunications.

A select team determined to engage concretely with theconception, implementation andstart up of IT projects, managing every single aspect of the process within the work schedule agreed with the customer, until the objectives are achieved.

Operating at 360 degrees in the ICT field and integrating the expertise of its professionals, QUID creates successful projects.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from design and development to advice and customer service, from ASP and Data Housing services to Help desk and Service desk services.


Quid’s competence centres and business areas




Quid’s approach

Quid’s consultants and analysts can provide their customers with the most effective management and ICT solutions, thanks to the shared wealth of expertise and the ability to innovate. Efficiency in creating ICT projects, even of considerable complexity, means for the customer achieving results in a shorter time.

In this way we can facilitate businesses’ responsiveness, enabling them to readily adapt their business model to technological innovation and new market scenarios. We share the objectives of our clients and we establish relationships and long-term partnerships, confirmed by the successes we achieved together.

The computerization of business processes has long been accomplished. Today businesses need IT and communication tools aimed at maintaining a competitive position in the market.

Computer systems, once only tools for operational processes, have today a crucial role in business marketing, economic and financial management, and in the management of customer relations.

The role of ICT is strategic because the competition between companies involves less and less products, efficiency or prices and increasingly business models and the quality of communications.


The strategic analysis capacity and the experience gained by QUID in the management of complex projects integrates with a working methodology that becomes the “QUID guarantee” for the client: technological validity of the tools developed and the achievement of the objectives. 


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Sharing the responsibility, defining clear and comprehensive quotations and the solid partnership with the customer allow us to define the project’s content and timing precisely, bringing real value to the company. Transparency in relationships and procedures and efficiency in creating ICT projects are the constants of QUID working method.