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Data warehouse and BI

Quality data for quick and effective decisions in Business Intelligence applications.

QUID has an internal competence centre made up of professionals specializing in the construction, operation and management of Datawarehouse and related Business Intelligence applications.

These are software applications that aim specifically at ensuring quality data, the processing which enables organizations to make quick and effective decisions.


We successfully manage applications for:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (production, marketing, distribution and services sectors);
  • enterprises (industrial plants and large distribution);
  • institutions and public sector (local authorities, associations and multi-service companies);
  • service companies (consulting, associations and research centres).

We have developed a number of applications in the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence field, with implementation of various functions matching the different modes of use and distribution of the available information.

In addition to traditional techniques, such as reporting systemsdynamic data analysis and the definition of summary indicators, we dealt with budgeting and planning, simulation and scenario definition, implementation of analysis and control models, as well as analysis of trends and correlations.


Management of data sources that are available in unstructured or semi-structured formats, with the application of ETL (Extract Transform and Load) routines for the transformation of sources into a coherent and usable set, where transformations are able to prepare data for the analysis carried out at the BI level.



Certification and validation of legacy data leveraging what has been made available in Data Warehouse, with the creation of a structure and a set of multidimensional analysis tools (OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP), the extension of the measures, business and process indicators, knowledge of reporting tools and development of real web portals for Business Intelligence.



Building, operating and managing a Data Warehouse and related applications aimed at understanding and improving the company's business, including processes, organizations, customers, resources, systems and competitive environment, allowing companies to act in an informed, timely, efficient way.



Management of business analytics, functions with specialization in issues of cost management, collection and validation of user requirements, definition of functional tests and verification of deviations, with the ability to output specific documents.