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A comprehensive technological offer which frees time for Core Business driving greater returns

QUID stands out for its offer dedicated to companies, having a broad portfolio of integrated services and solutions, also thanks to its partnership with vendors, overseeing all phases of the technological proposal , from the idea to operational management. This approach allows companies to acquire maximum visibility into their IT systems, and achieve a value added for future developments.

We handle all issues related to desktop and data centre infrastructure virtualization, storage management, database management, networking and band management, systems and wide area networks monitoring, e-mail and groupware solutions, security and threats management, systems integration, VOIP and fax services, help desk.

We also handle the management of all applications for small, medium and large companies in the production, marketing, distribution and services sectors.


Simplifying the IT infrastructure and creating a more dynamic and flexible data center thanks to proven data center, servers, desktops and applications virtualization solutions, made available by the market today allow you to simplify the management of the entire infrastructure thus dealing with the most current problems such as energy consumption, distribution of resources and above all simplification in management.



Business Continuity is a company's ability to continue its business in the face of unexpected events, in an extremely short time. The effectiveness of a business continuity plan is based on the acceptance of the fact that there is always an element of risk and on how to react to it. All of these things allow you to ensure business continuity, analysing and defining essential and support processes.  With our Enterprise Storage , San, Nas, Unified, Solutions we simplify data management, and improve the availability of systems guaranteeing proven benefits.



Disaster Recovery is the ability for a company to restore its IT infrastructure, partially or completely, in case of disaster. Systems and data considered mission critical are made redundant through WANLANfiber, in a "secondary site" called "Disaster Recovery site", usually a remote location, so, in the event of a disaster that damages the information systems on the primary site, we can restore services on the secondary site as quickly as possible, losing the least amount of data.



Today email, file sharing, chat and social networks are an integral part of our daily lives. Over the last decade it has undergone an evolution both in terms of how to use and how to access it, becoming the primary tool for exchanging information at corporate level. So it must be handled by qualified personnel, guaranteeing quality and confidentiality. QUID is able to offer messaging and collaboration solutions based on the most popular proprietary and open source software packages, either on premises or as a service.



The growing complexity of IT infrastructures, the exponential increase in data exchange through the internet, the advent of e-commerce and mobile devices, increasingly require expertise and resources. Combining these two factors QUID is able to offer 360° solutions for networkingsecurity and management from Internet access to the data center.



The main advantage of outsourcing lies in moving the non-core activities of a company, where you usually have fewer skills, entrusting them to people who like QUID have decades of experience and can offer outsourcing services, customized to the needs of the client. Having an advanced datacenter we currently provide hosting and saas solutions. So, customers can focus on their core businesswhile reducing costs and return on investment.
A specific example is represented by managed services for the reference company in the steel sector: Ancelormittal.



Our help desk provides assistance and information to users who have problems in the management of a product or service, trying to solve the problem through remote troubleshooting handled by specialized personnel. If this is not possible, our technicians will intervene on site, within the SLAs defined by the contract. Our help desk services are accessible via phone and email.