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Qinetic agility ARCHITECTURE

Enterprise Class System Technology: Devops ++, Angular 4, Apache Spark

Qinetic is a technological platform and an organizational model for the development of enterprise-class IT systems applicable in different business environments.
Quid has started the development of the platform with projects in the field of Financial Services.



Mashup front-end: API based user interfaces made with Angular4 and UX Design techniques
Microservices: the new SOA based on functional partitioning
Business Paths: components with high business content
Data and Data services: solid management of the information assets thanks to the relational model and analytical power of BigData with Spark2


Qinetic 1



Combining the strength of a market product, managed by a competent group, with the personalization of a custom project.  
A tailor-made platform which combines the best of both worlds.



More Open Development: perfect collaboration and automation systems enable us to integrate clients in the software development process

More Crowdsourcing: it brings together workforce even if delocalized and discontinuous, optimizing their use, channelling highly specialized skills to achieve excellence in any in any industry.

The new IaC (infrastructure as code) techniques, side by side with traditional methods of Continuous Integration and Delivery, allow us to create personal test environments on demand in minutes.

An organizational model that favours the use of highly specialized personnel in different vertical industries – capacity architecture – that is where the Qinetic logo comes from.



Qinetic is the perfect solution because it integrates innovative technologies with a model of “OpenDevelopment” collaborative work.

It allows us to develop proprietary solutions with the help of specialized partners and a strong technological and methodological support.