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QUIN, Start the value

Organization, planning and control of processes in the area of operations

QUIN is the competence and excellence centre for topics related to the logistical and organizational processes.

The interventions develop along the following main lines:

  • organizational and operational advice on the organisation and management of complex supply chains and on product and process innovation processes; 
  • introduction and implementation of models, methodologies and IT tools for planning, control and management of demand, production resources, activities and materials;
  • analysis and optimisation of value processes and definition of systems for the management and measurement of business performance.

The offer is completed with the supply and implementation of IT and organizational solutions specific to Operations Management.

QUIN is an Apics certified company, the American certification body on Supply Chain and Operations Management issues.

QUIN’s skills are are aimed at making companies more competitive starting from the processes they use to produce products and provide services.

To drive a real change in companies’ operational processes, our expertise is structured to balance and integrate synergistically three distinct areas of expertise:

  • management skills (business organization, value-process analysis, management control)
  • operational skills (supply chain planning and control, methods for resources and materials management)
  • IT skills (analysis and modelling skills, development and integration of technologies and systems)

We provided an end-to-end support that overcomes the paradigms of traditional organizational consulting and software factory, responding to the market need for integrated expertise.

Thanks to its consultants, QUIN can boast over 100 years of experience in the field, has met more than 1800 companies for which analyzed and developed solutions and models in over 500 projects

All consultants have gained significant professional experience in several business environments, ranging from the reorganisation of business processes, to the implementation and definition of the the specifications of supply chain solutions, to the development of new strategies for the enhancement of business performance.

A close-knit team that, alongside professionalism, preparation and continuous updating, shares the values of pragmatism, trust and transparency.


IT solutions

QUIN has developed strategic relationships with selected qualified supplier of IT solutions in Supply Chain Planning, Demand/Collaboration Planning&Forecasting, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Consultants are able to assist the company in the stages of analysis, modelling and reengineering of organizational processes, but also to manage firsthand the development of the project for implementing the software solutions identified with its customers.

QUIN was chosen by the leading Italian manufacturer of SW systems for Supply Chain Management (over 1,000 installations) and by the global market leader as nationwide Delivery Partner specialist for the manufacturing sector.

Quin believes in the network model, in the richness that comes from an open relations system, from sharing experiences and from continuous updating. 

In addition to developing strategic relationships with complementary consultancy companies and software solution providers, QUIN has also established stable partnerships with the academic world: Politecnico di Milano, School of Management of POLIMI, the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Udine and the University of Trieste.

QUIN's consulting offer exploits similarities between seemingly different processes, providing innovative solutions in the field of Operations and Project Management within the traditional manufacturing contexts and in the service sector. 

In particular, in the health sector, QUIN has conceived and developed the Just For Care proposal of proprietary and dedicated Clinical Governance and organizational solutions (programming of the operating blocks, logistics and supply chain management, measurement and control of clinical performance) .

QUIN’s main clients include: Marcegaglia, Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (Danieli Group), Acciai Speciali Terni (Thyssen Group), Acciaieria Fonderia Cividale, FAR, Inossman (metals)-CNH industrial (IVECO, CNH), Automotive Lighting, Magneti Marelli (automotive)-Basf (chemical)-Calzedonia (fashion)--Permasteelisa, Fassa Bortolo (buildings construction & materials) – Skretting (pet food) – ALF Group, Pratic, Stosa Cucine, Arredo3, Stilcurvi, Moroso (furniture)-Baltur, Sest, Luve, TGD, HTS (refrigeration & heating) – PAL, Rondo, Cartubi, FPT industries (engineering, machines & equipment)-LineaLight (lighting & lamps)- Inarca, Pibiplast, Friulsider, Coveme, DOpla (plastics)-University Hospital of Santa Maria della Misericordia di Udine, Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari n5 Bassa Friulana (Health Care).