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Special Project e-SERVANT

Quid platform for the intelligent management of major events

eSERVANT is an ICT infrastructure comprising hardware and software applications which enable to manage processes connected to major events (sport, music, fairs, etc.) that take place at facilities of various sizes: these are seen as a network of common interests and needs within smart structures capable of distributing information and services to users.

e-ServantIn the absence of relevant experiences in Italy and rare in Europe, the eSERVANT project is funded by the Regional Operational Program ERDF 2014-2020 of the Tuscany Region as an innovative research and development project.


What are the services offered by eSERVANT?

The services offered by the platform are:

  • infrastructure and networking: network infrastructure and connectivity, multimedia and multichannel, mediated by a specialized "eServant Service Center (eSSC);
  • management: financial and administrative management, retail and commercial management, management of the facilities and the events that take place in them;
  • online and social: web and social networks, management, web marketing and territorial marketing, mobile services management, social data collection systems, sentiment analysis and production of information to/from audience;
  • proximity: management of payments and cards, medium and high precision location and positioning services, individual recognition and sensor services;
  • security: access control and security management, emergency management, management of data security and privacy.


Examples of possible services

  • Facility access services:
    • analysis of vehicles flows near the facility, connected to traffic, mobility and parking monitoring;
    • analysis and distribution of data collected by the data networks of the city and the territory;
    • analysis of the flows of people accessing the facilities and their routing.
  • Connectivity services:
    • connection between users based on social networking and profiling, via mobile device;
    • connectivity between users to create groups, shared services and communities of interest;
    • medium and high precision localization through triangulation of mixed media detection technologies (sensors, networks, cameras);
    • high precision localization, even with wearable sensors for monitoring critical physical parameters or people at risk; 
    • localization for searching for services and routing;
    • connectivity between users and the system/event for information purposes;
    • connectivity between users and the city/territory, on mobility, tourism, culture, accessibility, etc.
  • Security services:
    • automatic detection of crowding, through sensors and vision systems, with routing;
    • detection of access to reserved and protected areas;
    • detection of events and abnormal behaviour, through sensors and vision systems.
  • Services based on social media:
    • managing a real system social network, connected to the events that take place there;
    • analysis of taste, proclivities and habits;
    • proximity and emotional marketing.
  • Management services:
    • administrative management of a facility;
    • administrative management of the commercial chain in a facility
    • regional marketing management;
    • broadcasting management.

Who delivers eSERVANT services?

All services are provided by an Enterprise Service Bus, on site at individual facilities or remotely, which aggregates all platform applications, distributing its services to systems and events operators, to the territory and to the viewers. The eSSC includes the hardware and the software required and is the control room of the whole platform.


What is the eSERVANT market?

In Italy there are over 150,000 installations, mainly operating in the sports sector.

To this list are to be added a number of installations never surveyed and connected to the world of leisure and aggregation.

In Tuscany there are are over 9,000 sports facilities, 2,000 of which are managed directly, in the football industry only, by 3,398 clubs surveyed in 2015.

These are mostly small businesses, for which eSERVANT is suitable and easy to use, as it is a federation platform, where it is possible to "enable/disable" each service, without having to change the structure of the system, capable of providing also remote projects. 



What is the competition?

In Italy there are no experiences in this sector, only isolated applications that deal with some individual elements (connectivity, fans social networks, briefing on public transportation or retail) that with eServant are managed as a unit, along with many other functions.

In Europe the biggest experience is the one connected to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid in collaboration with Cisco and that of the new Ajax Stadium Amsterdam Arena in cooperation with China's Huawei.

QUID Informatica S.p.A. is the project leader of eSERVANT – EventS in crowdEd places, a smaRt serVice management – co-financed with funds POR-CReO FESR 2014 - 2020 - Bandi per aiuti agli investimenti in ricerca, sviluppo e innovazione RSI - Bando 2.

The eSERVANT project is aimed at developing ICT infrastructure for the management of events (sports, music, exhibitions, etc) in small to medium sized facilities; it lasts for 18 months, in collaboration with Sokom srl, Sintra Consulting srl, Magenta srl and with Media Integration and Communication Center – Department of information technology (MICC-DINFO) of the University of Florence and the Department of information technology and mathematical sciences (DIISM) of the University of Siena.