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Special Project Pitagora

The integrated platform for the management of airport operations

The PITAGORA project – Integrated Platform for managing airport operations has been selected under the operational programme ERDF POR CReO of the Tuscany region and funded by the European Regional Development Fund regional (Bando Unico R&S 2012).

PITAGORA brings together 8 project partners (1GI, 5 SMB and 2 Universities) and addresses what are commonly identified as the main airport management issues, namely:

  • collaboration
  • resources
  • crisis.

Through successive stage of design, development, prototyping and testing the project aims at creating a platform for optimal and integrated management of airport infrastructures.

The objectives of PITAGORA are the realisation of a platform that integrates heterogeneous systems with the aim of increasing airport efficiency in terms of:

  • flights efficiency;
  • luggage management;
  • increase in security;
  • prevention and resolution of incidents;
  • organisation of resources.


The optimization of resources is an issue that, within airport operations, is based on a series of highly consolidated processes with the goal not always achieved to address these in terms of optimization and monitoring.

However, if the processes are consolidated, they also rich not only in complex variability (think for example to the peaks due to the influx of passengers), but also in strong randomness (think for example to flight delays or changes in weather conditions).