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Innovation in document management

ARXivar is a platform that allows you to consolidate your company or your department information in a single place and to manage them easily. ARXivar’s main bonus is that it integrates storage functions, retaining according to law, and business processes management in a single solution.

Using a graphical editor, ARXivar enables any user, even if lacking specific expertise, to design and have the management of company workflows running in a short time without having to write customized programs.

With ARXivar creating a process is easy. All stages of a flow are set using graphical tools and without writing code! You can set out manual or automatic actions, constraints, timing and users involved in the activities simply by adding and dragging shapes and arrows. Workflow Modeler allows you to create and modify the structure and logic of the activity flows autonomously. You can change an ongoing process promptly and in a few clicks.

ARXivar manages the document throughout its lifecycle and its validity stages: draft, approval, acceptance, forwarding, sharing etc. Approval stages and users involved, the ones who will handle the documents, can be set out during the configuration phase.

With ARXivar companies can easily tackle:

  • management of e-invoicing
  • document management
  • alternate storage
  • process optimisation
  • safely sharing information
  • monitoring activities

ARXivar meets the changing needs of business people, more and more accustomed to working remotely and on the move, allowing them to access the platform from their smartphone.

ARXivar is a platform that can be adapted to any industry and easily integrates with the systems already available in the company: with 15 years of projects with over 2000 companies, ARXivar comes to the market with a significant knowledge base of Best Practices in many sectors.



In particolare sono state implementate soluzioni per i settori:


In particular, we implemented solutions for the following sectors:




Logistics processes are characterized by great complexity and involve a variety of different documents that in order to be efficient and valuable, must become paperless. Some solutions that can be implemented with ARXivar:

  • Integration with the operating systems in use (a single centralized repository)
  • DDT Digital control
  • Carrier qualification process management
  • Management of carrier data and lifecycle of the carrier itself, as well as of the documentation related to its certification
  • Management of Quality System and approval process, publishing and updating procedures and operating instructions



ARXivar allows you to streamline administrative processes and improve access to information.

For timely and effective medical intervention a healthcare facility must have adequate back-office systems and technology.

  • Filing and storage of reporting documents
  • Management of risk management processes (hospital accident, Incident reporting)
  • Ethics Committee: summoning, verification, audit, collection and registration of international documents
  • Supplier and tenders management
  • Inspection processes management (with mobile devices and e-signing to draft reports and complaints)
  • Human resources: virtual counter for internal and external personnel management services



ARXivar allows you to manage the information and processes typical of Automotive Dealer activity: Sales of New and Used Cars, Purchase Requests, Complaints and Fines Management.

Filing is organised so as to aggregate the documents relating to the same subject, to facilitate searching and viewing:

  • Integration with most popular DMS, mail and fax
  • Documents, files and papers review management
  • Sales: papers management, document checking, approval, preparation, payment and delivery
  • Complaints Management: papers completion, claim analysis, corrective implementation, verification, legal management
  • Fines Management: offender identification, fine notification, deadline tracking, payment.



ARXivar features allow you to optimize the management of administrative and commercial processes of the pharmaceutical industry

ARXivar also meets all requirements related to the purchase/distribution of goods, their storage, their processing, quality control and traceability.

  • Management of the distribution of drugs to Sert (Addiction Services)
  • Management of packaging changes
  • Management of the pharmaceuticals representative activities (from the collection of essays, to the management of expenses from mobile)
  • Management of the Research and development process
  • Management of electromedical tools ticketing
  • Electronic invoicing to Public Administration



ARXivar allows the optimization of software deployment and maintenance tasks and customer support.

IT industry is characterised by strong dynamism of markets and products and thus requires solutions that can respond quickly to strategic and functional changes.

  • Support tickets management
  • Software development projects management
  • Software implementation
  • Management of software releases / updates
  • Electronic reports management
  • Customer orders management
  • Filing software licenses
  • Schedule of service contracts
  • Reporting



ARXivar allows you to manage and monitor the processes of the electrical / electrical supply industry and to spread and facilitate the information exchange inside and outside the company.

The platform allows the dematerialisation and effective management of the industry core activities: organization of documents, e-invoicing and retaining according to law up to the management of complex business processes.

  • Capture of biometric signature at counter
  • Management of non-conformities
  • Updating and sharing of pricelists
  • Trade negotiations
  • Interfacing with the sales network



With ARXivar manufacturing companies can ACTIVATE their business by managing all phases of the main processes, digitizing the exchange of information between the various departments.

ARXivar manages purchasing cycle, active cycle, product data sheets, and quality system digitally.

  • Purchasing cycle: purchase request, authorization flow, ERP integration for purchase orders issuance, DDT filing and incoming goods inspection, purchase invoice authorizations.
  • Active Cycle: sales quotation, request and order confirmation, delivery (picking list)
  • Managing product data sheet: design, production, authorization and versioning
  • Quality Management System: reviewing documents, review and approval of procedures, quality control of supplies and outgoing products



ARXivar allows you to digitally manage the entire contract lifecycle, from receiving it up to billing.

ARXivar manages the dematerialization and validation processes of all contracts relating to the supply of provided services (water, gas and electric).

  • Dematerialisation and electronic storage of bills, contracts, invoices, LUL (Single labor book)
  • Contracts definition, acquisition, signing
  • User data management segmented based on fiscal and geographical criteria
  • Management of rates profiles
  • Debt collection and reminders issuing
  • Massive and periodic billing management
  • Plant maintenance management



With ARXivar branches can dematerialise document processes relating, for example, to the request of a mortgage or a loan by launching a series of checks both formal and contextual.

The digitization of documents and banking process allows users to obtain more efficient services, reduction of errors, compliance guarantee and reduction of printing costs.

  • Preparation of the list of document requirements, defining type, source, validity, time and method of acquisition
  • Simplifying the operator’s task of collecting documents
  • Evaluation process definition and request approval
  • Setting up a customer portal where you can follow the request approval procedure
  • Changes, deadlines and final checks management



ARXivar promotes the application of procedures in the agricultural and food industry and lets you collect, organize and share your business information to ensure transparency and traceability.

The platform enables users to input data correctly in the production process and suggests to sales force activities to be carried out even on the move, for example to review the terms of the canvass applied to customers.

  • Information and documents about each parcel in an organized and readily available way
  • Data storage wizard
  • Management of non-conformities and corrective actions
  • Returns management
  • Managing relationships with retail chains
  • Check availability of materials before starting production



ARXivar allows users to organize employee work and monitor and measure performance.

ARXivar allows you to have full control over all aspects of the work, organize employee’s work precisely and track documents and other materials related to the same file.

  • Job order data input and check
  • Assigning activities and timing for each operator beforehand
  • Management of the approval cycle of the activities tables by the managers of each job order
  • Automatic creation of the "job file"
  • Timely reports of the various orders
  • Proof of the activities that are behind the planned schedule


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