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Event Watcher

Quid platform for the management of events security

Event Watcher is one of the facets of the eSERVANT project, the platform for the intelligent management of events in crowded places, specialized on security.

Event Watcher gathers in a single application, an on-line control centre (eSSC) and a accreditation, notification and communication system , managed through a specific mobile APP, for critical situations and emergencies.

Event Watcher can be used for reporting a crisis, presenting information on a critical scenario, for security control and check-in, but also for requesting assistance or services, for searching for people, for reporting a failure and the dissemination of news and commentary, alerting users about an event, etc.

Event Watcher overcomes individual communications systems that have all the inherent problems of a mass notification system, where recipients may or may not have access to resources, or the distribution of information takes too much time and expense, blending telephony, sms and email channels.


What are the objectives of Event Watcher?

The issue of safety is always of great importance and impact in our lives: personal, social, health, road, emergencies, minors, etc. No one can do without the identification and detection of the position of those who feel unsafe or witness a potentially dangerous event.

Event Watcher fits into this context by specializing its functions for people attending major sport, music, community life and social events or trade fairs, that is, all facilities and venues in where there is a high attendance in limited areas.


What is the purpose of Event Watcher?

Event Watcher makes it possible to connect information from safety equipment, for example of a facility, a structure or a historical centre to an on-line control centre, which integrates them with other data from the managers of specific events, coming from the city and territory, and also with those that citizens / users / spectators exchange freely. All information is distributed automatically to the app users, which in turn report or record situations of danger or risk, thus making them known to the entire network of users.


Who are Event Watcher’s users?

Facilities and events managers

  • Spreading in an immediate and cost-free manner security related information (e.g. crowds, fires, waiting times, directing flows of people, emergencies, etc.), both manually and automatically to all users or to specific users in areas or sectors
  • Promptly spreading toll-free or emergency phone numbers dedicated to the facility or the event for specific needs
  • Locating people with specific medical conditions, with possibility of transmitting health parameters
  • Searching for lost children
  • Calling for help, rescue or intervention by stewards, security staff, health teams
  • Providing information on the venue or the event you are attending
  • Managing and tracking access to protected environments
  • Geolocalizing all reports
  • Overcoming traditional methods of communication and immediate availability of all information 
  • Reducing costs and optimizing the services delivered to users.


  • Requesting health or public security help
  • Reporting a fault, a malfunction, or a critical situation
  • Reporting an act of vandalism or a maintenance request
  • Broadcasting and sharing with other citizens/users/viewers danger or criticality warning
  • Collecting all the critical information available in the facility or in the event you are attending
  • Requesting to be located by rescue, security and assistance personnel 
  • Requiring escort services
  • Knowing your position in relation to critical situations.


  • Knowing all the critical situations of a venue or an event
  • Reporting critical situations related to security, traffic and mobility.

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