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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Next-generation analytical and collaborative CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the complete solution for customer relationship management that offers companies a comprehensive "toolbox" to create and maintain a detailed customer picture, from the first contact to the purchase and after-sales phases.

A flexible CRM solution to support marketing activities and processes that transforms each contact into a sales opportunity and exploits the hidden potential of the customer base to conduct business more effectively.

Tested by 27,000 customers with 1.7 million users worldwide.

Intuitive interface with the features of Microsoft Office.

With intelligence features, it supports external data-driven predictive analysis to identify trends and patterns.

It manages the "extended relations", employees, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and other potentially relevant subjects.



With Outlook Social Connector offers basic information on key contacts, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated directly in your inbox. Provides access to all contact information, including the history of interactions.


Even in the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the Microsoft cloud service for managing customer relationships, offering immediate access everywhere, a defined metered pricing model and an SLA.

Sales, customer service, Marketing.